Grand Social

Grand Social

Grand Social was a massive undertaking that has helped us support the community in multiple ways.  More than just a community calendar, Grand Social offers the opportunity to solve a number of community identified issues.

Community Engagement: a complete social platform that allows anyone to look in on the region and see all the events, festivals and individuals using Grand Social.  Allows for social connections and messaging as well as following individual feeds to help stay on top of what is happening in the area.

Community Content Creation: Much more than just a community calendar, Grand Social offers individuals, organizations, festivals or venues the ability to register for free and use Grand Social to post their events to our calendar or create informative blogs that can highlight and showcase what each is doing.  Our blogging and event listing templates allow users to embed links, photos and even videos into their posts, giving the consumer the ultimate experience. 

Marketing Amplifier: The Grand Social team takes existing content and connects it to multiple channels to help spread the word and information through our full distribution network.
Shared distribution networks currently include:

    • Sharing of content to Tourism websites and other municipal channels to post one and publish many across each web platform.
    • Twitter engagement, Google & Facebook ad sponsorship.
    • Custom articles and event coverage.
    • Shared printing: newspapers, magazine, postcards, other traditional media sources.
    • Digital media amplification: Communitech & Accelerator Centre weekly digital screen portals.
    • Bulk advertising and public relation buys.
    • Weekly radio promotion on 570News & developing other channels.

Data Collection: Grand Social is also used as a research tool.  Development of categories and tags will allow decision makers the opportunity to tap into a live feed of the region’s arts and culture resources.

    • Capture of information such as venues, restaurants, art spaces, studios, artists, musicians, and more; creates a full data base of all the regions assets.
    • Roadshows – community wide events for data capture & Grand Social training.
    • Partnership with province, region & municipalities for cross section data collection for Economic development and growth.

Resource Centre: In the works, but this section would become a populated area that would highlight resources and information.  Connecting local needs with an online mentoring opportunity.  Articles, grant schedules, shared reports would be an example of what will be included in the resource section of Grand Social.